The Royal Goose Company

Every year thousands of geese are hunted and culled in the Netherlands to prevent damage to flora and fauna and in conjunction with aviation regulations around Schiphol. However, the beautiful and delicious wild Dutch geese being killed most often just go to waste. This was a massive problem for the founders of The Royal Goose Company. They found a solution by turning this unused resource into sustainable Royal Goose bitterbals, croquets and burgers.

The official introduction of The Royal Goose Bitterbal took place late in the summer of 2013 at the Haarlem food truck festival. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the public, it wasn’t long before they were approached by buyers from the restaurant industry, leading to The Royal Goose Company being founded in 2014.

The Royal Goose Company supplies exclusively to the hospitality industry. Here at Noorderlicht, we are delighted to serve the Royal Goose Bitterbal with our signature homemade mustard. We are very enthusiastic about working with a Dutch company that offers such a high-quality product rooted in sustainability. Come and be surprised by this sustainable, homegrown snack.