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Let’s transform industrial Amsterdam North on Sunday the 12th of June 2022 into a big queer hot paradise, with a bold twist. A musical journey from Berlin to Rio, with a layover in Beirut.
Tropikali combines your favourite parties Kalinichta, Rosario & Terra Totale. This all on the NDSM-wharf: a big creative hub where you can eat, drink, chill, dance and discover new exotic flora & fauna.
Tropikali is LGBTQ+ oriented, but all truly open-minded allies are welcome. We have an eclectic line-up: from tropical grooves, to balkan beats and other DJ’s, performances and live music from all around the globe. Get ready to be surprised. Stage info below.
We will make sure our event will follow the RIVM health guidelines.
Last Tickets now on sale (85% sold)
(Super Early & Early Birds: sold out)
– All previous tickets are not valid anymore.
– We will sell out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.
First names: Baiuca, Populous & Solė Fía
Rosario is our stage for electronic music with a latin vibe. Imagine the setting as a warm chill afternoon turning into a hot summer night as the stage gets darker when the sun sets. Although percussion is welcome, you won’t be hearing ABBA or other English songs anytime soon on Rosario. Since it holds a much more SoundCloud rather than Spotify vibe, Rosario allows our guests to feel like they’re on a beach in Mexico, Punta del Este or São Paulo.
First names: Kasbah, Habibitch & Djette Nanixa
Kalinichta is the place for Balkan and Middle East music and culture to shine. From Slovenia to Lebanon, big pop hits from Turkey or even some Eurovision songs, Kalinichta is like a big Balkan wedding. What’s most intriguing about the stage is that you’ll hear sounds and rhythms that are authentic only to this part of the world and the vibe transcends you to that place immediately.
First names: Pupi Poisson (Esp 🇪🇸), Shug la Sheedah (Sur 🇸🇷) & Abby Omg (Bra 🇧🇷)
Terra Totale is a very visual stage and is the ultimate party for the ears and for the eyes. We play you music from a different country every hour and it’s always a party starter. From recognisable pop to music designed simply to make you dance and have fun, Terra Totale is a true global celebration.