Dik & Schil

In 2019, three young students created Dik & Schil, an ecologically minded liquor company. From small beginnings, they have successfully brought to market two beautiful liqueurs made entirely from residual products produced by the hospitality industry. Their first victory came with their signature Orangecello – and orange liqueur made in the same way as its traditional Italian Limoncello counterpart. By sourcing the orange peels from restaurants that would otherwise dispose of the peels after squeezing Dik & Schil turns trash into treasure! Their second big hit, “Bakkie Pleur”, is a coffee liqueur made using the same philosophy. Dik & Schil collect coffee grounds from restaurants and gives them a new life in the form of a high-quality liqueur. The same restaurants that provide the raw ingredients are hand-delivered the liquors. In this way, Dik & Schil completes the circle and shows how beautiful products can be created with a bit of imagination from ingredients that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Curious about the taste? Order a glass with our staff today!n glaasje bij ons in de zaak!