Noorderlicht is open again! We are back with a temporary pavilion. With a new roof over our heads, we can guarantee our program, as well as your party, dinner, or drinks.

Our menu will also make a return: recognizable, affordable, and delicious! A vegetarian/vegan menu with non-industrial fish and meat dishes.

During this season, we have a series of exciting events and performances planned, so make sure to join us!

A brief story about us:

Noorderlicht is not just a culinary hangout but also a cultural oasis for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. Located in the raw, industrial, and artistic ambiance of the NDSM yard, we provide a stage for musicians and artists who share our mission of brightening the world. Come visit us to experience it for yourself.

Pof Amsterdam

Have you met our little sister yet? Her name is Pof. Just around the corner, only 10 minutes by bike from Noorderlicht. Our newly opened restaurant has a unique, sustainable and local story. As the first, real short-chain restaurant of the Netherlands, we work almost exclusively with products from our direct neighbors and surroundings. Also everything we serve is traditional and ‘home-made’, including all drinks. In addition, we are the only restaurant in the world that serves local Dutch wines only. Which are very tasteful and selected carefully. Pof is located in the middle of a beautiful urban farming project on the edge of Amsterdam North, where small-scale food producers are working and cooperating on a sustainable future. So if you are visiting Pof you would definitely do a little NoordOogst-tour to get inspired by all the lovely initiatives you will pass by. 

Visit Pof Amsterdam