Welcome at our sustainability page,

We’d love to explain to you what we do regarding sustainability and especially why!

Noorderlicht commits itself to a world where it’s possible for everyone to live in a healthy and inspiring environment with respect for each other and nature. To solve the challenges we face together we need to be aware of what and how we eat. At Noorderlicht we are convinced that plant-based food is the basis but we don’t exclude animal protein. It’s fine to eat meat and fish, if in a responsible manner and if not too much. That’s why meat and fish at our restaurant are mostly side dishes. Also, we try to get our ingredients from the area as much as possible which reduces the ecological footprint. We work together with many inspiring and responsible producers and we’d like to introduce them to you! This way you know better what’s on your plate and where it comes from, which makes it more fun to eat it!


Wilder Land

Wild Catch

Van Wroeten

Winery Thorn

Dik & Schil

Royal Goose

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