Bottled spring water is immensely popular and is served in many hospitality establishments. However, we choose to serve tap water from MADE BLUE water coolers. The advantages of using the MADE BLUE system are countless. Outsourcing spring water, bottled in a factory and transported hundreds or even thousands of miles by road, boat and planes is a huge expense on our environment. By drawing water from our water coolers filtered, cooled, and carbonated on-site, Noorderlicht’s ecological footprint is massively reduced. Our bottled water becomes completely circular as we can reuse the glass bottles, cleaned and fresh every time. 

Here in the Netherlands, we are incredibly fortunate to turn on our taps and have fresh running water. But this is not the case globally. For many countries, people are forced to walk for many hours a day to access drinking water, which is often still polluted. Every carafe of water you order from us provides 1000 times its contents of clean drinking water in developing countries. This is made possible because MADE BLUE invests on our behalf in water supplies in countries with permanent drinking water scarcity, such as Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam.


We know some of you may find us crazy for asking you to pay for drinking water. But the contribution you make, while small, goes a very long way! Last year, we received a “check” from MADE BLUE for contributing 9,500,000 litres of clean drinking water. Together with your support, we have already provided more than 130 people with clean drinking water for the next 10 years. Hopefully, this will give you more insight into the importance of the MADE BLUE initiative and appreciate your water a little more.