Winery Thorn

Reducing the mileage between a supplier and our homes or businesses is hugely important. The closer we are to the source, the less energy we need to use and the smaller our footprint on the environment becomes. This is especially relevant for wine, a hugely popular beverage for any occasion that is unfortunately often sourced from far away. Each glass we consume comes with a large ecological footprint. 

With this in mind, we went looking for a Dutch wine producer and found the idyllic Thorn Estate in South Limburg. The Thorn Estate planted their first vines in 2001 in the South Limburg “white town” Thorn. Through hard work and great enthusiasm for wine, the vineyards now cover 6.5 hectares.

With the help of the Thorn team, we want to show you that you can get delicious wines made close by, by passionate and skilled winegrowers. We are thrilled, and we are sure the taste will speak for itself!