Our menu features a delightful and surprising selection of dishes from around the globe, with a central focus on vegetarian and vegan cuisine. For those with a taste for something extra, we also offer a limited selection of non-industrial fish and meat side dishes. We choose natural ingredients that have minimal impact on our environment and are free from flavor enhancers and preservatives.

We love drawing inspiration from the culinary heritages of our staff members. We have previously featured menus inspired by the Levant, Germany, South Africa, and this year, Indonesia will bring its rich flavors to our table.

Our drink menu is just as thoughtfully curated. From locally brewed beers, homemade sodas, and Dutch wines to cocktails and non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’ that are still robust in flavor. For larger parties, we have a group menu available. You can collaborate with our event manager to customize a 4-course dinner.