Plastic glasses and tableware

On average at Noorderlicht, about 500 glasses broke per summer. Each glass must be produced, transported and requires a cleaning agent (rinse aid) with often harmful chemicals to be maintained. To reduce the ecological footprint of our glassware, we have opted to switch to high-quality plastic cups. Each cup is expected to last for at least three years, and cups that are broken or are no longer usable are collected and returned to our producer. These cups are then recycled to produce new cups. 

The choice to work Koziol as our producer was easy. Koziol stands for excellence in design with a clear conscience; the company has been manufacturing exclusively in Germany since 1927 – under fair and sustainable conditions that benefit both the people and the planet. Transportation requirements are kept to a minimum by having all activities take place in one location. Also, there are no thermosetting plastics, BPA and plasticisers being used, and all production waste is recycled!


We have also opted for a plastic alternative for the tableware for the same reasons. For this, we use Cosy & Trendy as our producer.

The choice of plastic glasses and tableware was made based on sustainability considerations. Noorderlicht has been able to reduce its footprint on the environment by reducing the amount of glass and tableware needing to be produced and, by consequence, the transport costs on the environment to deliver. We, of course, understand that in the beginning, it feels a bit strange to drink wine from a plastic glass, but now you know why it will hopefully taste a bit better…