Van Wroeten

Nestled within the picturesque woods near Schijf in Brabant sits a unique country estate. In the past, you may only have seen wild sand dunes; nowadays, a beautiful forest is naturally maintained. So what has changed? Walking amongst the trees, Tamworth pigs happily amble the grounds. These pigs provide an essential function to the forest, sparking a chain of events that rejuvenates the natural surroundings. By rooting up the earth while searching for food, previously bare spots of ground are germinated, allowing seedlings to access the light. Moreover, nutrients and water are better able to penetrate the soil, benefiting the growth of the trees and plants, which provides habitats for amphibians and insects to flourish. Not only do the pigs bring new life, but they also help control and maintain exotic species such as the Giant Hogweed, a form of weed that can dominate the indigenous plant life. For the pigs, this weed provides a healthy food source – roots and all. 

The Tamworth pigs can live widely outside all year round, tolerating the cold winters due to their thick coats. They lively freely, deciding what they want to do – play in the mud, go exploring, hide in natural hiding places or dig in the ground for food. Most importantly, because the pigs are not only kept for their meat but also for their function in the forest, sustainable collaboration between humans and animals arises.

The meat quality cannot be compared to the meat you get at the supermarket or at most butchers. And we can fully agree with their vision: if you eat animal products, make sure it comes from animals that have had a good life. Completely animal-friendly meat does not exist, but meat from animals that have lived good lives does. Here at Noorderlicht, we serve delicious dishes made from the Van Wroeten meat, everything from homemade sausages to home-dried ham. Ask our staff for more information about what we currently serve.