Wild Catch

The most commonly consumed fish in the Netherlands is farmed salmon, tuna and pangasius, imported from afar and cultivated irresponsibly, leading to polluted water and endangering the fish. A real shame, as we are so fortunate to live in a region of the world abundantly surrounded by waters rich in marine life! 

But there is hope in Wild Catch, a company founded in 2018 by Huibert De Leede, a social entrepreneur committed to reducing food waste. Wilde Catch has a clear vision – provide beautiful produce, wild-caught, and fished directly from the North Sea. Their aim is to reignite our tastes for the naturally plentiful fish closer to home by fishing the species that do not typically end up on your plate. What used to be considered as waste or bycatch is now Wild Catch, and we can promise the quality and flavour does not disappoint.   

Wild Catch also finds use for the pieces of fish leftover from filleting that is often thrown away. Consumers today are unaware that off-cuts are most often tasty pieces and full of nutrition! Most of what we think of as “fish waste” is shipped to Asia and processed as fishmeal, anything from the tummies and cheeks to the fat edges of the coalfish, plaice or mackerel. But Wild Catch demonstrates how not to waste and appreciate each and every piece. 


It is vastly important that we take care of our oceans, seas, rivers and all the wonderful life in our waters. Today, fishing standards have resulted in an immense amount of fish being caught unintentionally and reduced to mere waste. Wild Catch uses precisely this fish and in this way contributes to reducing overfishing, protecting species that endangered, helping to keep our seas flourishing for generations to come. 

We serve our Wild Catch fish croquettes with homemade Aioli. Be surprised by the delicious taste and flavour of the croquettes for yourself, experience how delightful fish can be when sourced close to home!